Book Review: Gardening Lab for Kids by Renata Fossen Brown

I do enjoy a bit of gardening with the kids but beyond planting seeds, decorating plant pots and doing a bit of outside art I don’t have that many ideas. This book has changed all of that at it really has inspired me to think a little bit outside the box and also recall some of the things which I did (inspired by ITV’s Magpie programme) when I was a child.

The book basically has 52 projects to consider from painting rocks to look like bugs to making a garden sprinkler and a worm bin. Its great fun, inspirational and has lots of photographs and easy to follow instructions. I’ve found it really useful as I can use it to ask the children what they might like to do and actually show them some pictures.

Alongside all the instructions there is also a section called ‘Dig Deeper’ for each activity which gives you some more facts or provides some information on going to the next stage of the project. I thought this was excellent.

Overall, this is a great book. In fact, if I’m honest I’ve used it so much recently that I actually forgot that I was supposed to review it and it made its way into my living room reference bookcase. This is ideal either a a gift or a reference book for yourself, I think it will be invaluable during school holidays and I’ve even used it to consider ideas for Beaver Scout activities. My only caveat is that it is American so some of the seeds will need to be substituted, however its the general ideas which are the most use!

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