Book Review: Stop Sticking Stan! by Nicola Killen

You don’t often come across a good quality well written story book which includes stickers so this offering from Nicola Killen is rather unusual in that the children were more interested in the story than the stickers!

Stop Sticking Stan! tells the story of slightly obsessive Stan who is a bit of a hoarder but become obsessed with stickers. He sticks them everywhere and in the book version of my life the whole house soon becomes covered in stickers. I must admit we found this very amusing as my kids have stuck stickers pretty much everywhere and the blight of my rare attempts at cleaning is trying to remove stickers.

Alongside a great story and brilliant illustrations the book gives your children a load of stickers (the ones in the book) and rewards them for reading. My youngest aged 2.5 years thinks this is a great book and brings it over for me to read at least once a day. We’ve had lots of discussions about the stickers; which ones are his favourite and why. I’ve loved sharing this book with him and I think I will have lots of happy memories.

This is also a great book to give as a gift as it is a sort of two in one book but a really good version. I’m going to get a few copies and add them to my present pile. You can find out more about it here 

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