Internet Matters a useful tool you should know about!

Do you really know what your children are doing on line? I must admit I’m not sure I do, they are rapidly becoming much better than me at technology and the seven year old is an absolute master of YouTube which he views on his Nook. This does worry me as I feel like I have no control over what they are seeing and doing and I cant be sure that its all appropriate even though we do have some parental filters in place according to the husband.

That’s where comes in, its a fantastic hub aimed at people like you and me, absolutely stuffed full of information and links to where you can find it. Set up by the big Internet service providers (BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media), NSPCC, CEOP, Lucy Faithful Foundation, Family Lives and FOSI. The emphasis is on how you as a parent or carer can keep children safe on line.

You’ll be hearing loads about over the forthcoming months as it is such a brilliant and useful initiative. One of the things which I think is so useful about it is that you can find the information broadly based around the stages of children’s lives. For example I’m often told by the school about what they kids (and parents) should and shouldn’t be doing on social media, but there is often no reasoning as to why. This hub provides me with the tools to go and find out for myself and then make a considered judgement.

The Internet is an amazing place which can really make a difference to peoples lives. It has changed my life and that of my husband and provided us with lots of opportunities which we could only have dreamed of. It’s a place where we can find information instantly, keep in touch with friends and family all over the world and make new friends. I find it odd to think that it didn’t actually exist in my childhood as it is so entrenched in our lives.

However, it has opened up the world, both good and bad to our children and it presents lots of new and unfamiliar issues and an entirely modern parenting conundrum. Internet Matters is a really great initiative and that’s why I thought I should flag it up, Ive not received anything at all to do so, I just really think you should know about it. Make sure you go over to the site, have a look and bookmark it!


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