Its Time to Vote for the Little Face of Venture!

Venture Photography run a competition every other year whereby any child that has been photographed in their local Venture Photography studio can be entered into a competition to win a professional modelling contact with top agency MOT Models. They’ll also get a years supply of fab Stat-rite shoes and an amazing prize from LEGO. Regional winners also win some fab prizes. Its a great competition if your child has had their photograph taken at one of these studios.
Whats more for every child that takes part the brilliant charity Wellchild gets a £1 donation.

I must admit I’ve not heard about this competition before which is why I noticed the email about it. I’ve been pondering the possibility of trying to get little Ned a modelling contract for a while as he is a ‘typical’ boy but has brown eyes and blonde hair and people keep asking me why he isn’t baby modelling. I’d have been very tempted to take part, especially as there really is nothing to lose as you get some fantastic pictures of your child whatever the outcome of the competition.

Unfortunately its too late to take part this year but you can play your part and vote for some of the children involved. It would be lovely if readers of Being a Mummy could make sure that each child has a good number of votes, you know, make their parents proud and all, by spreading the word about the competition and getting your friends to vote. Maybe one of your children is actually in the contest, in which case do leave a message in the comments so we can be directed to your child. Its really easy to vote you can just click the Twitter or Facebook button underneath your favourite image.

I have to say I actually really enjoyed having a little look through all the images, there are some little kids there in poses which made me laugh (in a nice way), some very very cute babies and what they have created is actually a lovely celebration of childhood. I do hope they consider making a book of the images!

If you’d like to vote then check out the Little Face of Venture pages here you have till June 6th.

Disclaimer: I received a small amount of compensation for this post, but actually I genuinely enjoyed looking at the images and think its a great idea.


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