The Effects of Light on Childrens Imagination…

I recently wrote about how thrilled we were to get some new Phillips Marvel Spider-man lights
Our eldest has really benefited from great lighting in his bedroom and I’ve been surprised about the difference it makes!

There is also a chance to win your own set of lights.  To enter, visit and share your story on the wall using #PlayTheHero or go to to upload your child’s entry along with the hashtag #PlayTheHero before June 9.

I was sent some information by Child Psychologist Chireal Shallows on the effect of light on children’s imagination. Since she revolutionised Neds sleeping patterns a few weeks ago I’m always really keen to hear what she says and I thought it was really worth re-publishing here for you to have a read..

Light matters 
Light is a simple and easy way to help children feel safe as they are able to ground themselves in time and space. Simply, they can see where they are!

Positive impact of light in bedroom play
Children who use light to help them when they retire to their bedroom – whether to sleep or play – are able to increase their confidence. This is achieved by them being in control of their environment; they can see and this helps them to feel comforted

All children want to feel safe at night and most children suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome. With the creative use of light and characters, products such as the Flash Light Spider-Man allow children’s imagination to be triggered so they can begin to fall in love with time in their room during playtime – or bedtime, turning it into something they look forward to rather than something that’s ‘done to them’

Why it helps to play the Hero 
The use of characters can have a profoundly positive effect on children, as they often identify with their favourite characters, which in turn helps them feel safe

Super Hero characters are an added bonus when helping our children feel safe, reassured and confident, as they can often feel that they too have super powers and that they are able to cope with life. Therefore products such as the Wall-light Spider-Man can help boost confidence for any child and enhances their playtime (or even bedtime) experience 

Children who are less confident can have their confidence built in the same way, as parents can use these creative lights, with the Super Hero characters, to help children build their creativity and imagination

Their own world

The Night light Spider Man can help a child feel a true part of the bedroom routine, letting them take ownership of their own world, creating a calmer experience for the family and a safer and happier one for them

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