We play the hero with Phillips Lighting and news of a competition!

Phillips lighting have just launched a brand new range of lights which are absolutely perfect for little fans of the Marvel Spider-man series.

We were absolutely thrilled to be given a couple of the lights and they make the perfect addition to our eldest boys bedroom as he has an entire wall covered in Spider-man wallpaper. There is a really amazing Spiderman lamp which is perfect for reading or doing homework.

We also loved this wall light which works really well if you have one of those mid or high sleeper beds. Because its properly fitted it is a much safer lamp than those with the dangly chords and so is perfect for this age.

If this is the sort of thing you are looking out check out the range:
Projector Spider-Man
Wall light Spider-Man
Night light Spider-Man
Table light Spider-Man

There is a fantastic opportunity to win a couple of these lights yourself. To enter, visit Facebook.com/seewhatlightcando and share your story on the wall using #PlayTheHero or go to Twitter.com/PhillipsLightUK to upload your child’s entry along with the hashtag #PlayTheHero before June 9.

We’ve entered Fifi’s story into the competition, but to give you an idea of the sort of entry they are looking for I got my eldest boy to write a story and Phillips very kindly had it illustrated for us. Check out his efforts, its quite an insight into his imagination:

Zoomo Fighters by Sam aged 7

Sam goes through a time tunnel by touching some monster toys. One of the monster toys looks like Frankenstiens Monster but he’s called Steinfranker and is his twin brother. Dracula and Zoomer the haunting ghost of Doom are fighting a gang called Zoomo Fighters.

The zoomo fighters have people called Ghost Boom. He’s like a man with ghosts on his t shirt. He has a ghost sucker to suck the ghosts and a ghost screamer to scare them off. There’s a girl called Zombie Scares. She has a knife and a dagger and stabs zombies in the heart. She wraps the zombies in rope. Normal Ghost guy is a ghost who was defeated and made friends with Zoomo fighters. The last one is called Speed Vamp. He is a vampire who can do really fast speed but is still on their team. They couldn’t defeat him because he was too fast so they decided to make friends. 

Sam joins the Zoomo fighters to fight the baddies.  Sam tickles Dracula so his teeth fall out, turning him into a human. Steinfrankers heart is pulled out and he goes to sleep and turns to dust. The ghost is beaten by blowing him away into thin air. 

Once the bad guys have been beaten Sam takes a key  to open a portal and return home. His mummy asks him where he has been and sends him to his room to bed because it’s bed time.

I’ve also been sent some interesting information about the effects of lighting on children’s imagination so come back in a few days and i’ll post that for you to read.


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