Book Review: FiddleSticks! by Sean Taylor & Sally Anne Garland

1st June 2014 No Comments

Fiddlesticks! is one of those beautifully illustrated  children’s picture books presented on lovely paper which I must admit makes me a bit precious about letting the children lose with the book itself. If I had my own way it would come out only at bedtime and only be handled by myself in order to preserve it for generations. But, clearly I don’t get my own way in our household very often and so the children have free reign with the book and clearly, they love it because its been read time and time again ‘independently’ which actually is great.

Fiddlesticks! Tells the story of a little mouse whose house has a few maintenance issues. The mouse enlists the help of friends to fix things with slightly disastrous consequences. There are quite a lot of emotions and social situations involved and so there is plenty to talk about with children, but best of all my children enjoyed learning a new word for when they are frustrated!

You’ll find all the information about the book here.

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