Book Review: Zoe and Beans Pirate Treasure! By Chloe Inkpen and Mick Inkpen

In my experience there is no better picture book for children than one that involves pirates. 3- 7 year olds are obsessed by pirates, at least in this house they are! In this book Zoe and Beans take a trip to the seaside with Beans best friend Oscar and hunt for pirate treasure.

The Zoe and Beans books are perfect for pre-schoolers in particular and this one is no exception. Little Ned really loves this book and asks for it preferentially for his bedtime story. I don’t mind, its a joy to read, the illustrations are lovely and I never tire of looking for extra things in the pictures with the children.

This is a perfect holiday read and would make a lovely birthday gift alongside a pirate hat and eye patch. You can find out loads more about Zoe and Beans on their very own website here which is full of stuff to do, information and gives you a brilliant idea of just how gorgeous the illustration are:

We love it here, in fact so much so that I’ve got a week of pirate related activities planned as an excuse to read the book several times a day!

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