Eat for Goals!

One of the things my seven year old really enjoys doing is cooking. However, it is really difficult encouraging him to exercise. We have become increasingly aware of just how sedentary his lifestyle is and I’m taking steps to encourage him to take a bit more exercise and combine that with healthy eating. Since he loves cooking I was really thrilled to hear all about this app developed by the World Heart Federation with the support of UEFA and the British Heart Foundation.

Eat for Goals aims to aims to encourage young people to eat heart-healthy and nutritious food, to help reduce the future risk of heart disease and stroke. In the UK, around 1 in 5 young people, aged between 10 to 11 years, are overweight or obese[i] and nearly 30 per cent of boys and 40 per cent of girls[ii] do not reach the recommended level of physical activity a day (60 minutes).

We were given a sneak preview of the app and some cooking equipment to use to make some of the recipes. One of the things which struck me about the recipes was how simple some of them were to make, yet surprisingly delicious.

So far we have made Black Bean Brazilian Stew by Kaka of Brazil and Pasta with Pesto and Grilled Vegetables by Carles Puyol from Barcelona FC. I have to say though, there are loads of other really nice easy recipes to get children cooking and we are genuinely working our way through them Rice Cubana by Samuel Eto  of Cameroon looks interesting and I’m sure Paul Pogba’s  (Juventus) Spaghetti al’ arrabiata with tuna and vegetables would go down a treat in our household!

In the spirit of healthy eating there is a section with some basic information about healthy foods and we have been looking at that to try to design some recipes for ourselves. On Saturday the boy adapted the grilled vegetable dish he’d made earlier in the week and cooked some chicken to put in a wrap with the grilled vegetables. He was ever so thrilled to make us a meal and really enjoyed using the iPad instead of a conventional recipe book.

Eat for Goals is a really good idea and it has inspired my little boy to think about what he eats and also to have a go at cooking. I’ve enjoyed looking at some new recipes and have found it quite inspirational. Whats more, I have been prompted to find out a bit more about some of the worlds most famous footballers, who I hadn’t heard of before, just in time for the World Cup. Everyone is a winner!

If you’d like to have a look at the app yourself you’ll find it here on the Google Store and here on the iTunes store

[ii] Health Survey for England – 2012

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