First days at school and school uniform audits

We haven’t had sports day yet, school isn’t over, I’ve still got loads of school runs to endure. Yet from the last couple of years experience I can tell you that this is a brilliant time to have a little audit of your child’s school uniform. My little girl is in her summer dresses which means I can go through the winter uniform and work out what still fits and is likely to fit in September, what can be passed onto her little brother and what has seen its final outing. I have to say, in actual fact there is very little which is usually beyond repair due to wear and tear, its usually the black marker pen which has finished it off!

My first ever school run…

Some of the stuff that little Fifi is wearing has been passed down from her big brother. One of the fortunate things about having a long running blog is the record that you have of your children’s lives. In my case, the small things I’d never remember, the feeling I had about stuff. I actually wrote about his first day in reception (the key stage Fifi is now about to finish) back on the blog here. Unfortunately I didn’t write the same for Fifi’s first day. I think that’s the trouble with second and third child, you’ve done it before so its not quite as memorable and so not as ‘worthy’ of a blog post.

I do remember her looking so cute with her little pigtails and her white dress and flared trousers, jumping around the living room telling me she was going to do exercise and painting. She still makes a point of telling us that she is going to ‘get an education’. She is delightful in that she usually wants to go to school these days and takes real pride in presenting me with her work.

So much has happened since the eldest boy started school and he is really quite grown up these days. We are rapidly becoming a household where more people can read than cant and school has, for better or worse, become the focus of our entire lives. Being organised with school uniform makes a real difference. I’ve gone for quantity which is possible with today’s reasonably priced uniforms and frankly I’d tell anyone to do that. Make sure you have enough uniform for a new set each day and you cant go wrong.

All us experienced mums know that supermarket brand school uniforms are usually the best in terms of value for money and quality. George at Asda uniform is amongst the best, not only because it has some fab styles but also because they have a 100 day guarantee. That means, if you’re not satisfied with how its work after TWO terms (2/ 3rds of the school year) you can take it back. That sounds a pretty good deal to me, one thing I would say about Asda uniform is that you need to start thinking about buying for September now, the best styles (and they have some lovely ones) sell out very quickly, its that good and popular. Last year there were a few things Fifi lusted after and I simply couldn’t get hold of in August as they has sold out!

Little Ned starts nursery school the year after next, that will mark an entirely new phase of my life as I will no longer have any of my babies at home with me all the time. However, I do know that it will probably be the cheapest start to a school term for me as I will not have any need to buy any uniform as between his brother and sister I should be able to make up an entire uniform for him out of the hard wearing supermarket stuff I’ve picked up over the years. Ned’s first day at school will be a sad day for me and there will be lots of tears no doubt, mainly from me!

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