Quick March for Toast Soldiers thanks to The Federation of Bakers

It is really hard to get little Ned to eat healthy food but one of the things he really loves is a runny egg with a little toasted soldier.

We were sent these fantastic little soldiers boots to go with our bread soldiers by The Federation of  Master Bakers. They are great, and I’ve had the children fighting over how many soldiers they can eat. They are another idea to make breakfast time a little less stressful. Breakfast is always challenging in our house because I want the children to actually eat and more often than not they don’t want what I have served up. Ideas like these little boots can make all the difference, if only because they can get children in the habit of eating something without them realising!
The Federation of Master Bakers have some more of these boots to give away on a first come, first served basis. Check out their website here to see if you can nab yourself some.

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