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1st June 2014 1 Comment

I must admit that for children in the summer the most practical shoes I’ve come across are Crocs, they will take them from the beach to the playground and everywhere in between. Because they are so easy to put on even the two year old has something that he can put on quickly in the rush to get out into our garden (we don’t wear shoes in our house). They are also indestructible. In short Crocs are the most versatile practical summer shoe you’ll find for children.

Fifi was recently gifted a new pair of Crocs which was brilliant because she usually has to make do with her brothers cast offs. Unfortunately they are a little bit big for her so I cant give you detailed feedback on them in terms of wear and comfortableness. But, they are lovely and girly which is a real treat and best of all they flash!

If you fancy getting your little one some swanky CrocsLights they are available in both boys and girls and you’ll find them all via the website here. I’m just jealous, I wish they did them for adults!

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  • Kim Carberry 1st June 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I love Crocs for my girls….Last year they had them in the Poundshop near me….They're fab for the beach x

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