The Kingsmill Great White Challenge

There really is nothing like toasted white bread is there, its just so much nicer than brown. As toast is an essential part of breakfast in this house it means that we end up eating white bread far more than brown. As a result I suspect we don’t eat enough fibre in the course of a day. In fact research by Kingsmill has shown that we are like the 8/10 Brits who don’t even know how much fibre they eat on a daily basis. As fibre is so important Kingsmill have launched their Great White loaf which contains as much fibre as brown bread. Brilliant! I know what is going straight onto my shopping list in future, particularly as it tastes as nice as white bread so everyone is a winner!

I was challenged by Kingsmill Great White to have a go at making some healthy sandwiches for the whole family. They offered us some recipes which you can find here, which no doubt will be really useful when sorting out school packed lunches. However I thought this time, I would get the children involved, present them with a selection of things they could choose from and get them to make their own combinations. The children are becoming increasingly keen on making their own food and I think its great to encourage them to do this because it gives them a chance to think about what they are eating, where it comes from and so on.

I decided to put everything out on the table and let the children and husband make up their own creations. This is how they got on:

Little Ned enjoyed the challenge of making a sandwich and using the cookie cutters to  make it into star shapes. Here he describes what he did:

The husband opted for two creations:

Leerdammer, celery and radish, oh and the husband…
cheddar cheese with home made green tomato chutney

Then little five year old Fifi decided to make some open sandwiches. First though she used the star shaped cookie cutter to cut the bread into little star shapes. I was really impressed with her efforts:

Fifi’s star shaped open sandwiches with cheddar, carrot, ham and radish

I personally like the idea of cheese and carrot, so I opted for that with some radish and celery. Sometimes the most simple ones are the best in my opinion:

Aged seven the boy appears to like protein above all else. So he created a Leerdammer,  ham, tuna mayonnaise delight:
You can also see him telling me all about the sandwich here:

These are just some of our ideas, I now feel quite inspired and there will be lots of different ones to try this week. If you want to have a look at what everyone else is making then make sure you check out: #KingsmillGreatWhiteChallenge for loads of other ideas and inspiration.

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher to buy the bread and sandwich fillings.


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