A bit of me time with Netflix

As a mum it is really hard to relax. I find that time flies and there really is no ‘me-time’ in my life unless I make a really concerted effort. Recently I’ve been trying to make that effort because otherwise life sort of isn’t really worth very much. To that extent I’ve been getting up early and going running and I’ve also regained my interest in crafting finally finishing off a cardigan I started for the eldest boy, but now just about fits Fifi. It has been a lovely productive way to relax.

Of course, since we were given Netflix that means I have a world of choice in terms of my viewing whilst I’m crafting. I’m told Orange is the New Black is superb so I’m about to start playing catch up on that. That’s after I’ve finished The Tudors and all of the Blackadder series which we both absolutely love.

I must admit myself and the hubby have really enjoyed watching a few films again, Clueless was amusing and reminded me of the time I went to see it at the cinema and saw him watching it surrounded by girls. Apparently he had gone on his own to view it and found himself in that allocated seat. Likely story. We’ve also watched When Harry Met Sally, Rob Roy and The English Patient recently. There really is nothing nicer than spending the evening doing a bit of craft with a glass of wine and your choice of movies or TV dramas. I love Netflix it has made watching TV the new going out for us!

Disclaimer: I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team ambassadors, we do genuinely love it though and would happily pay for the service!


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