A Little Bit of Summer Fun in the Garden

The last few days have been perfect here in the South East of England its been hot and sunny and with the exception of a few thundery downpours the children have spent a lot of time in the garden. We have had snail and slug hunts, mini beast quests generally, we’ve used the pavement chalks, played football, tennis and generally had fun. However, best of all we have had the paddling pool up!

wall mounted Hozelock hose pipe

The downside of three children and a paddling pool is that they cant help filling it up just a little bit more each time, they love using the hose and the hose ends up tangled up spread the length and breadth of the garden. But no longer! Swell UK really kindly gifted us the solution a Hozelock 20 metre wall mounted auto hose reel. This is a brilliant idea, the hose doesn’t get twisted kinked and squished so you don’t have the comedy moments where you go to untwist it and end up soaked. It really is a tidy solution.

hosepipe lock

One of the features of the hose reel is that it can be locked at any length which makes it perfect for a sprinkler! Clearly a sprinkler is superb for the avidly keen and experienced gardener. Its also perfect for children. In fact you cant get a more perfect dual purpose bit of garden kit when you have kids. On Sunday we turned our garden into a splash park and we had such a lovely time.

Hozelock Sprinkler 2510

You wouldn’t have thought that a great quality garden hose would prove itself so useful. However, since I grow a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as having three kids it really has revolutionised my life and saved me such a lot of time at the end of the evening. I wish I had spent the money and bought something decent years ago!

our own splashpark!

Disclaimer; we were sent this brilliant piece of kit from Swell UK, i’m very pleased with it indeed!


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