Book Review: Rory and the Monstersitter by Rosie Reeve

13th July 2014 No Comments

My goodness! I think this must be the first truly sinister children’s picture book I’ve read. Well done Rosie Reeve! I’m not sure if the children quite understood what exactly happened in the story, but I think they found it amusing. Rather worryingly the eldest two children said it was a really, really brilliant book and they loved it. God help any babysitters that come to our house…

This brilliantly illustrated book clearly has lots of child appeal. Its well written, engaging and such an usual story that it clearly makes an appealing addition to any child’s picture book library. At the moment I’m trying really hard to work on the  children’s comprehension and this sort of unpredictable story is excellent for that. Its a delightful book for inspiring children to use their imagination to create quirky stories and I’m going to be using it this summer as inspiration for children’s ‘horror’ stories.

You can find out more and have a look for yourself here:

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