Book Review: The Very Best Sheepdog Written by Pinny Grylls and illustrated by Rosie Wellesley

13th July 2014 No Comments

Thanks to this book my children now want to own their own sheepdog. This is a simple tale encompassing concepts of farming, friendship and persevering. I must admit that the story itself is not particularly unusual and over the years we have read a lot of very similar stories. However, it has been interesting to use it to explore farming concepts with the children and it will make a useful addition to my school summer holiday home schooling toolkit.

One of the ongoing issues I have is trying to explain to the children why its worthwhile to persevere with things which don’t come easily to them, this book does make quite a useful addition to my armoury for explaining that concept. It is very easy for this age group to give up too quickly and anything which explains why you shouldn’t in a subtle, friendly and engaging way should be treasured.

The story is brought to life by some lovely illustrations and they really have captured a ‘countryside’ feel and coupled with the typeface makes the book stand out from the rest.

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