National Transplant Week and Why I want to be a donor

National Transplant Week runs from the 7th to the 13th of July. I’m really pleased to get involved in this campaign because I think its such an important issue to be aware of.  Only 31% of families would actually agree to a donation if they were unaware of their loved ones decisions, despite the fact that 82% of people would actually donate or consider donating. Only 50% of people have talked about it with their families and its about time we got people thinking and talking about it.

Organ donation is something I’ve been thinking about since before I had children. As a Christian I don’t believe that my body is important after death and so I’ve gone from wanting to be buried, to now wanting to be cremated and my ashes scattered somewhere beautiful. Having children I’m now acutely aware that not everyone is as lucky as we are and that sometimes the donation of an organ makes the difference between life or death and often will help the quality of someones life.
I’ve read time and time again in the newspaper or on line about children who desperately need various organs and each time its heartbreaking. This is now so unnecessary if everyone made the decision to donate their organs, after all they aren’t needed anymore.
Its a hard topic to talk about, but I do believe that its really important to think about these things and discuss them openly to make it much easier for your loved ones when the inevitable happens. I’ve always taught my children that death is just part of life and this is one way that people can help others even in death, if you don’t make it a taboo topic.

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  1. Jen Walshaw 2nd July 2014 / 5:46 pm

    I too think it is essential to discuss this and I have with my family.

  2. Mummy Matters 11th July 2014 / 11:06 pm

    Hopefully this will get more people thinking, talking and registering

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