Protecting Yourself in the Sunshine with Boots

Eight years ago, shortly before I became pregnant with my first baby I discovered a mole which I was worried about and I went to the doctor and it was decided that it needed to be removed. This scared the life out of me. Then very recently I went for a facial where they used a special light to assess skin damage on my face. Again, I was a bit concerned because I think that in the past I haven’t been quite as careful as I should have been in the sunshine.

I was thrilled when Boots UK contacted me and asked me if I’d like to hear all about how to protect yourself in the sunshine. This is particularly relevant at the moment as its lovely and sunny outside at the moment and I’m trying really hard to make sure that the children have the best protection I can offer them.

Boots UK sent me a lovely goody bag filled with their sun protection goodies and some handy tips form experts. One of the things which I haven’t come across before is their Soltan Dry-Touch Transparent Suncare Spray for head and hair. This is UVB/ SPF 30 and is a perfect thing to have in your bag for children who just wont keep their hat on. Your head is the most continuously exposed part of your body to the sun and so it really needs some protection so I’m really pleased to have discovered this. Not only does it protect your scalp, but Ruth Fenwick Boots UK Hair Care Expert says that ‘UV rays break down the hair’s proteins which can weaken its structure resulting in more straw-like texture’, meaning that this sort of product is perfect and a new handbag essential. I’ve used loads of it on Ned; he gets his hat wet in the pool and refuses to wear it, this spray is the solution.

We were also given some Soltan Once kids 3 hour water play SPF/ UVB 50, again a perfect solution for those children who like to go in and out of the paddling pool. I’ve been using the Soltan dry touch SPF UVB 50+ which rubs in really nicely. The smell reminds me of summer holidays and happy summer times so its tempting to use it a bit more than needed to be honest.

The other thing in my goody bag was some No 7 Tinted Moisturiser which I have squirrelled away and use every morning. I’m thrilled with this product, its easy to use blends well and is the perfect foundation for a sunny day.

There has been a lot of information about how the use of sunscreen can affect the levels of vitamin D the body produces and how the rise in its use may be relate to the increase in rickets in children. Professor Antony Young has looked at this and has noted that ‘Clinical research shows that the application of sunscreen does not impact the body’s ability to produce adequate levels of vitamin D as a result of sunlight exposure.’ So keep on slapping on that cream!!

Boots UK have a fab range of suncare products and some really interesting features on their website. Boots Soltan recently did a survey which has some interesting results.

  •        Two fifths (42%) of UK parents say their under 10 year olds have been sunburnt
  •        One in four (26%) children have already had sunburn this year – before the school holidays have even begun
  •        The most common reasons given by parents for sunburn in under tens was because they didn’t reapply sun cream often enough (34%) simply got caught out by the weather (31%) or didn’t have sun cream with them (31%)
  •        Over half (51%) don’t realise sunburn can permanently damage skin
  •        57% said they reapply sun cream when they notice their child is looking a little pink

Some shocking stats there, don’t get caught out. I’m really stocked up with suncreams and always make sure I have some in my bag. I’d urge you to do the same.

Disclaimer: Boots UK sent me a goody bag with these products, its always lovely to try them out properly and these are my genuine thoughts.


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