Thinking about Summer Purchases

The other day I was contacted completely out of the blue by Tena Lights, you know those things we don’t talk about. I read through what they had to say and thought that actually they were onto something. Whether or not this was the result of having just jumped up and down skipping as part of my fitness routine. Note to self, remember to do pelvic floor exercises everyday after three children if one wants to be successful and focused on exercise whilst skipping/ trampolining etc. There’s no shame in this apparently 1 in 2 women in the UK have experienced bladder weakness

Anyway, Tena Lights are encouraging you to think about summer preparations. What you might like to buy and what you need. I though this was interesting because I’ve not really thought about it myself in the past, but you do tend to get specific things without even thinking about it. For example, a new pair of sunglasses, a great hat (if you find one let me know!), some moisturiser with SPF and the ultimate dress. As we have very little money at the moment I’m building up a list of potential purchases as a reward for continuing my running regime and this has made me think about it in a different way.

At the moment I’m really focused on getting fit and healthy, I’m within government levels of healthy weight, but I know for me I’m overweight. To this extent I’ve been running nearly every morning, it makes a real difference to my energy levels and I think that even if I don’t seem to be losing weight my mental health has improved. I might even have another go at the skipping and trampolining soon as even though I’ve ramped up the pelvic floors Tena lights are actually quite a handy little thing for a bit of confidence *nudge nudge!*

Disclaimer: To help me think about summer I was kindly sent the above goody bag with a few additional contents.


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