New Running Kit with JD Sports

As you all know I’m currently getting up early in the mornings and going for a run. My average distance is about 6 km but sometimes I go for 8 km. I think I probably need to start pushing myself a bit more. I’m aiming at the moment to go faster rather than longer, and I can now do a sub ten minute mile.

Funnily enough, I’ve not found that many places on the Internet to find information on how to get fit after the trauma of having a baby. There are the odd articles here and there and a few blogs but not much really aside from Run Mummy Run which I think is a bit like Britmums but for mums who run. Therefore I’ve ended up with indulging myself by looking through health and fitness magazines which you can download free from our local library and the Sweaty Betty website which links to loads of fab bespoke fitness videos.

Anyway, along the way I’ve come across lots and lots of fantastic and very tempting clothing. I’ve got a bit of kit which is nearly ten years old and also some I bought cheaply from our local supermarket and H &M. I must admit though, there is no better incentive than some nice sports kit. I’ve found myself lusting after Stella Mccartney Adidas, Sweaty Betty, Lija and Nike in the same way that I lust after Mui Mui, Prada and Vivien Westwood. In other words its just that tiny bit out of my reach normally given the dire state of my finances, but it would make my life much much better.

I was banking on a massive Christmas list of running kit, but then the kind people at JD Sports noticed how much work I’ve been putting into all this getting fit and weight loss lark (see #runfatgirlthin for irregular updates) and then sent me a fab Nike Crosstown Running kit. This is proving perfect for the current weather as I was in dire need of some running leggings. You see, its actually rather cold at 6:00 AM already and I thrive in the warmth! To go along with the leggings they gave me a lovely top.

post run photograph taken by the husband who was still in bed- slacker!

Having some lovely new kit has made all the difference to my run this morning, in fact I went further and faster than i’ve been in a couple of weeks. If you like the leggings you can find them here and the top here. I’m now starting to wonder if I am in fact just incredibly shallow…


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