#StreamTeam Summer Holiday Singalongs

This summer has been brilliant fun, we’ve done so much stuff but one of the over-riding highlights so far was our trip to Nozstock a brilliant music festival in Herefordshire. As a result of this the children have really really started to get into their music. The eldest boy now a firm fan of Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer and the other two children still finding their musical feet enjoying everything from heavy metal through to opera! I secretly think that little Ned is going to be a little heavy metal fan. I blame his father.

Of course you need to harness all this energy somehow and we have been having regular disco’s at home which I must admit have resulted in a few injuries as the children are a bit left footed and seem to prefer a sort of whirling dervish style of dancing. In order to try to calm them down I’ve been harnessing the awesome power of Netflix for some singalong movies.

Without a shadow of doubt my kids favourite singalong film this summer has been Tangled and if you haven’t seen this Disney classic I suggest you have a watch. We were sent a series of suggestions on the music theme and I’ve posted them below:

Most of these suggestions are a little bit old for my little crew, so I’ve been sticking with the safe Disney musicals. However, I did let the boy 8 watch The Fighting Temptations and he really enjoyed that one, so there are definitely a few new ideas here to check out slowly with them.

If you are anything like me, then Netflix really comes into its own once the children have gone to bed. I rarely have time to watch television so its a real treat to fire up Netflix and pick something new to watch. I’m not good at deciding so its fab to have a few suggestions. I really enjoyed Hair and Sister Act 2 was amusing. Have a look at the suggestions and see what you fancy. DreamGirls is out at the end of the month.

Remember in the old days when you went to the video shop and spent half an hour trying to decide what to get out? Well, Netflix can be a bit like that, there really are so many things I’ve found it helpful to have some suggestions. So if you have any then do pass them on! I think i’m going to watch Country Strong next.

If you like your music I’ve also discovered a few documentaries on Netflix which look at musicians. My husband is a particular fan of these and I’ve found them quite good to have on to keep hi amused whilst I do my knitting. (How sad do I sound!) There is Kurt and Courtney, Beware of Mr Baker about rock drummer Ginger Baker, Biggie and Tupac and one about Neil Young which was most interesting.

I’m utilising Netflix for a bit of peace and quiet from the kids, so if you pass my house in the daytime and you hear a lot of screaming its probably just the children singing along to a movie. Apologies, I’m thinking its good for their lungs and if i’m honest it is good fun.

Disclaimer: I’m proudly part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. Netflix has proven the perfect way for the children to calm down over the summer and its been brilliant, I highly recommend it.


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