The Wardrobe Clear Out…

It was a bit of a no news type day today on Twitter and so I stumbled across the landmark news that Victoria Beckham is having a massive wardrobe clear out. Yes, you can venture on over to The Outnet and purchase some of her 600 piece wardrobe. If it fits. Apparently she’s getting rid of some of her best stuff. Poor Harper, no vintage gems for her then.

Todays fetching outfit, clearly could be cleared out…

I too have been having a wardrobe clear out. I’m just not as successful as Victoria. It’s hard being a hoarder at such moments. This clear out is in part just a small part of the major de-clutter that has been happening in our house at the rate of one money box or a pencil case per week. I’m not going to lie the de-clutter isn’t going well, despite moments of ruthlessness where I seem to clear out items which a few weeks later I realise I actually could have done with (running sweatshirt circa 2010, springs to mind). It is also necessary though because I’ve actually now lost FOUR inches around my waist (despite not looking much thinner) which means virtually every ‘new’ item of clothing I’ve bought in the last few years is too big.

I’ve been going through some of the gems and bear in mind I really do find it difficult to waste things and I have realised that some of my wardrobe, dare I say, rather a lot of my wardrobe is in fact vintage and I’ve been wearing it since I was at university. I know this because some of my t-shirts even have dates on them, for example Blur Reading Festival 1993. Which is one of my newer T-shirts. Oh dear. Still, I’ve saved quite a lot of money.

I’ve been wearing dresses a fair amount recently, as these don’t fall down. I can happily report compliments about the Miss Selfridge sale dress (c. 1990) and the H & M sale dress, a new one I bought just after Fifi was born (Jan 2009).

With the big birthday coming up I’m wondering if I should just do a Beckham and clear out my 50 or so items of clothing. Its a pivotal time in life and should I really be clinging onto the grunge wardrobe I had at university over 20 years ago, despite the fact that (at least to me) it hasn’t really aged? The thing is I really do love fashion, I’ve studied costume history and curated it and I devour fashion magazines like no-one else I know. I have a whole bookcase on fashion history and design and would love nothing more than a decent wardrobe. I’ve got a Mui Mui handbag and some designer underwear but aside from that my most expensive purchases are Whistles. Do you think Fifi would like vintage Whistles when she’s older? Or maybe New Look circa 1995 would actually be ‘cool’?

The thing with clothes is that they contain all sorts of memories and that is what makes it harder to part with them. Because I’m not at all wasteful with my clothes there are a lot of memories contained within each one. Letting go and living in the present is quite a hard thing to do with anything other than clothes which contain unhappy memories but it is something that is necessary for many reasons.

Tell me, do you hang onto your clothes, re purpose them or throw them out?


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