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Looking slightly worse for wear and pregnant with Ned

Hearing the news today of the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge I was genuinely surprised at how soon she was considering another child. Then I spotted an article on the pro’s and con’s of a two year age gap I was surprised that it was quite so much, surprised because this is the gap between my two eldest children. This age gap has actually worked really well for us and people often think that they are twins; the fact that my daughter is quite tall and my son quite small is a factor, if they were built differently people might think twice.

Aside from terrible SPD I suffered really badly with heartburn in pregnancy and I can remember sitting at my desk literally swigging from a bottle of Gaviscon in an attempt to feel reasonably alright. There were times when I couldn’t eat anything and times when I craved really dense food to try to keep the acids down. I don’t think this worked, but a lot of it in pregnancy is all about hormones and your mental state of mind!

For me the heartburn got progressively worse as my pregnancy developed every single time and by the third pregnancy I was actually really frightened that it would all get a bit too much for me. Heartburn is actually quite debilitating by its very nature and so I did a bit of research on the causes of heartburn which are varied and can be very individual. The heartburn was far far worse with Fifi, I don’t know if its because she was a girl but I do think they may also be something in that old wives tale about the baby having more hair if you get heartburn as she was born with a thick head of hair. Needless to say it almost immediately all fell out and she then spent much of her toddler hood virtually bald.

However awful my experiences with heartburn and SPD were, I cant imagine what the Duchess of Cambridge is going through as apparently she is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum a second time. A friend of mine suffered with this debilitating condition in pregnancy and I can vouch that it is far worse than anything I suffered and literally left her bed bound for days on end. I don’t know how you cope with this sort of thing, I think I would have been put off pregnancy and been traumatised for a very long time!

I think the thing to remember during pregnancy and the thing which kept me going thorough my three pregnancies, and actually the subsequent difficult moments with the babies, was that all of it is just a phase. By that I mean that however hard things seem, however much you feel like crying because you’ve run out of Gaviscon or it just feels like the end of the world and you cant cope with another toddler tantrum, it is a moment in time and it will pass. I’ve used the Internet as a source of support and advice and in the depths of night it has stopped me from going mad. I cant offer much pregnancy advice, but what I can say is that someone, somewhere will have been there and done that and actually that’s part of joining this special club: being a mummy.


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