In Praise of The Argos Catalogue…

I know, its early days yet, too early in fact to start thinking about Christmas. BUT, school has just gone back and I always have the same problem with the children during this time of year: Endless whining about what we are going to do after school, what activities I have planned. I’m sure you have it in your household.

I’m trying really hard to detach the children from their television dependency and engage them in something ‘education’ related and worthwhile, but in a gentle sort of way. What better then to indulge them in their ruthless quest for consumerism than the Argos Catalogue. And so, I found myself going against all my eco friendly ideals and picking up a copy of the catalogue rather than searching for things on line. And in doing so I have made my children’s after school activities stress and fuss free. It is kind of like a throwback to my childhood in the 1980’s when the Argos catalogue was the stuff of dreams.

First we had the excited squabbling over who could open the hallowed book

Second, the frantic page turning, pointing, discussion and conclusions

Then the lists started being drawn up….

My argument here is that the Argos catalogue is actually far better than any workbook you could buy your kids and it brings them many learning opportunities:

  • List writing (literacy, decision making)
  • Writing page numbers down (numeracy, comprehension)
  • Adding up the vale of products (numeracy)
  • Cutting out and sticking down photographs of products (art, CDT)
  • Finding they don’t get what they have asked for as its a pile of rubbish (emotional life development skills)
There are of course many more uses and activities that one can do with the Argos catalogue and its value to society is clearly underestimated. I think its fair to say that its been an ongoing feature of people’s childhoods for at least the last twenty five years. 
Tell me, how do you use it with your kids and maybe more importantly, what do I do once the novelty of writing Christmas lists wears off mid September?

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  1. Mrs Fox 12th September 2014 / 1:37 pm

    Oh my goodness, I remember doing this as a kid. I went through the Argos catalogue picking gifts for my family. I remember picking out a lot of very bling jewellrey for my mother

  2. Sean Moody 19th September 2014 / 12:12 pm

    For sure, it's much better than reading from a computer screen

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