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When you were a child did you ever dream of having a fabulous den? I did all the time and me and my sister spent hours building dens out of bedspreads and sheets and random stuff. When I had my own children I decided that it was very important to let them indulge in this, but we have taken it one step further and actually created a den for my eldest son in his bedroom. Plans are afoot at some point to convert the space under the stairs as another special den for the other children.

The messy boy cave!

I’ll be on a #MyDens Hangout on Tuesday 30 September at 11:00. In time for Philips’ #MyDens competition – where they are asking parent’s to share their children’s den creations to win a prize – we will be joined by other top mum bloggers who will be sharing their insight, experiences and tips, alongside lighting designer Tim Meaker, who will be providing den building tips and also showing you how you can make your children’s bedroom more inspiring using light and simple techniques.

You can watch LIVE on our BritMums G+ page ( and message us your questions and comments.

The G+ hangout is sponsored by Philips Lighting and highlights their Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting range, that children can use in their rooms…or dens. The Disney-themed lights were designed to inspire your little heroes’ creativity, projecting a world of light around them, lighting up their dens and play spaces.

The prizes are:
·         1st place – x1 “Ultimate den building pack” (4 x luminaire, tips and tricks pack and den building materials)
·         10 x 2nd place – 1 Mini den building packs (1 x luminaire and tips and tricks pack)
·         10 x 3rd place – 1 Luminaire
I’m really looking forward to taking part in the hang out and seeing everyones pictures of their dens, we are going to have loads of fun building some additional dens around the house!


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