Book Review: Sloth Slept On Written and illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

11th October 2014 No Comments

We really enjoyed Frann Preston- Gannon’s previous offerings How to Lose a Lemur  and Dinosaur Beach so it was with much excitement that we received Sloth Slept On.

This is a story about discovery and identification, teamwork and the value of books. Personally I think its a really charming book with fantastic illustrations and a great story. I really enjoyed reading it to the children, especially the part of the story where the children try to engage their dad to help!

The children loved it, especially my daughter (aged 5) who can actually recount it, saying that it really made her laugh. I’ve been hearing her say ‘which way to the zoo?’ (the ending) as a little catchphrase to her friends as they all giggle. I know its struck the right nerve with her because, for one thing, she’s not usually all that good at recapping stories.

If you like your children’s books to be works of art with great stories and a classic yet modern feel then Frann Preston-Gannon’s books are for you. They take pride of place on my bookshelf and this one is very special indeed. A book which touches upon children’s imaginations, sense of discovery and also looks wonderful is a joy to own.

You can find out more about all of Frann Preston-Gannon’s book’s here. Sloth Slept On is published on 16th October by Pavillion Children’s Books and is £10.99 in hardback.

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