Book Review: Snow Day by Richard Curtis illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

6th October 2014 No Comments

Sometimes a children’s book comes along which as an adult you enjoy as much as the children, if not more so and this is that book. A lovely story about a snowy day in a deserted school and a little boy and his least favourite teacher it touches a nerve and is genuinely quite magical. This is a story about finding friendship in the most unlikely people and its suitably seasonal which somehow makes it even more magical.

I cant speak more highly of this book, I loved reading it to the children and they loved listening to me and looking at the illustrations. So much so, in fact, that we read it twice and then the next night. It really is becoming a firm favourite in our household. I suspect it might become a modern classic.

One of the benefits of a book like this is that its perfect for encouraging your own little readers to read themselves to you. I found this pitched at exactly the right level to allow my seven year old to read it out aloud at bedtime to us all. This was great, as usually he isn’t interested enough to tackle the picture books which little Fifi and Ned choose. Coupled with a topic which encourages discussion and requires slightly deeper levels of comprehension than the usual pictures books, it really is a worthwhile addition to your bookshelf.

You can find out more and have a look inside the book here.

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