Featured Post: Letterfall: A Great Literacy Game for the Family

As regular readers will know, we are huge book worms in our household, so much so that i’ve even set up an entire literary festival this year! Literacy is so important and anything that you can do to encourage it and support it will aid your children throughout their life. One of the best games that I’ve bought my children is Junior scrabble and its one of the few which they will sit there and play time and time again. Another similar game which is arguably better, especially for taking out with you is Bananagrams.
Scottish Friendly have developed a fantastic on line game (perfect for the holidays and beyond) which, if your children like literacy based games they will love and if you are anything like me, you’ll get addicted to yourself. But why would they do it? Well, for the past 15 years, Scottish Friendly have sponsored the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour and in association with the Scottish Book Trust have brought leading UK and international children’s authors to children in schools and libraries across the country. 
The Letterfall UK Championship is part of Scottish Friendly’s work to children’s literacy. We are certainly loving it here and its become a bit of a stealth player in my battle to get my eldest to engage with language, something I think Scottish Friendly were aiming for. The best thing is that its actually a championship so you are in competition with real life people, i’m currently wondering how I might ever beat my husband, a man who read the dictionary for fun…
How the championship works:
The competition is open to UK residents and has cash prizes on offer. You can find the game online here.
Taking part is easy, all you need to do is select your country of residence, play the game and try for the highest score in your nations leaderboard. The top player from each country by noon on Monday 3rd November 2014 will win £100 each and be eligible to go forward into the grand final which is going to be held in Glasgow on the 28th november 2014 where they can compete in the play-off competition to win £500 and the coveted Letterfall National Champion Trophy.


I’ve just received news about this years competition. The winner was Nicola Leaver, who hails from Wrexham and studies in Chester. She won the regional championship for Wales.  In the UK Final she finished the tournament top having used words such as ‘quivered’, ‘cuticles’ and ‘flounder’ to arrive at an impressive score of 62,414 – more than 13,000 points clear of her nearest rival. Putting my measly scores to shame.
I thought that the number of games played and the most interesting words used were quite revealing (posted below). Far, far more games than anywhere else were played in England. I can only think that this relates to population density rather than anything else and if this is the case then the Scots have rather a lot of time on their hands! 
Take note of the interesting words, I think they may come in very handy this Christmas for playing Scrabble. I must admit I’ve just had the dictionary open to look some of them up!
Games Played by Territory: 
Games Played
Number of Contestants
Northern Ireland
Most Interesting Words in the Final:

Disclaimer: We were given recompense to promote the competition, but genuinely think its rather good. If somewhat addictive!!

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