Book Review: Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes by Sophie Tilley

Sophie Tilley’s brilliant Amelie and Nanette series of books continues with Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes, a book which celebrates friendship and Christmas all at the same time. Sophie Tilley books are amongst my 5 year old daughters favourite books, she absolutely loves the Princess Evie’s Pony series and enjoyed the last Amelie and Nanette book. There are books which are unashamedly aimed at little girls and for that we love them, surprisingly though, the boys also enjoy them. That’s the benefit of having a sister!

In this story the girls get involved in some wintry games and Christmassy activities and have loads of fun (note lots of seasonal ideas for activities parents!). Then Nanette gets a cold and  their fun is spoilt as she cant go to the Christmas party. By the end of the story Nanette get better and things are back to normal so the girls can share their Christmas.

This is the perfect Christmas story for any little girl, not only is it beautifully illustrated and presented it tackles a familiar issue when you are little (namely the times when your best friend is poorly). There is a lovely Christmas theme and frankly me and Fifi would love our Christmas to be quite a sparkly as Amelie and Nanette’s. Its such a joy that to read that even the little boys in our family have requested to read it at bedtime several times over the past few weeks. Its a really nice change to the usual Christmas themed books out there and deserves a place on your bookshelf. Sophie Tilley who writes and illustrates these books is a very rare talent indeed.

You can get your copy of the book here.

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