Playmobil Advent Calendars and introducing Playmohair

I really don’t know where the time has gone! One minute it was summer and now its not long till Christmas. With these thoughts in mind I’ve been on the hunt for ideas for advent calendars for each of the children. I’m really lucky as I get ahead start as we get to try out a new Playmobil Advent calendar each year in our role as Playologists. That means we have a guaranteed brilliant fun advent calendar and I can be a bit mean and make something myself as well which makes them think a little about the religious meaning of Christmas. I think I’m going to write some little poems, tasks and activities for them.

I know which advent calendar they will prefer, by a long way, the Playmobil one. Every single year Playmobil advent calendars have been quite a focal point of excitement in our house with the children running downstairs at the crack of dawn to open the door to reveal another part of their new toy. The days when they get an animal or a new figure have proved the most exciting. To be honest, I’m really excited by them and seeing a little scene slowly build up on my mantelpiece fills me with happy thoughts.

This year we have been gifted Santa’s Workshop, I think its the best Playmobil advent calendar yet. I’m almost temped to keep it to myself and the husband as I’m really excited about Christmas this year and I know that if I am, the children will be exploding by the time it comes around. This advent calendar comes with Santa (Playmobil Santa- how fantastic is that?!), an angel, a reindeer, sleigh and some elves. I have to say its taken all my will power not to open it all immediately as there is quite literally nothing I like more than Playmobil animals so the thought of a reindeer to add to our collection genuinely fills me with excitement.

All the individual elements. I CANT WAIT to get the reindeer

I think this Playmobil have the best Christmassy themed toy advent calendars  this year, so if you are looking for something which doesn’t contain chocolate (so bad for teeth!) then make sure you check them out. They are also incredibly reasonably priced for what you get.

Whilst you are on the Playmobil website, if you are looking for a super-cool, unusual, Christmas gift for a Playmobil fan whether adult or child then you cant go wrong with Playmohair. This is a really genius idea, basically a woolly hat which is in the shape of Playmobil hair. I love it and its only a matter of time before it appears in the what to buy gift guides!


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