Propel: A Flying Start to Christmas

Yesterday proved a brilliant antidote to the week we have just had, as we were invited along to the RAF Museum in Hendon for the UK launch of Propel’s remote control helicopters (and UFO). This was a great showcase for all their amazing toys with a whole series of activities and courses on which to test your flying skills with some style.

The Propel range of remote control toys is really awesome and we loved playing with them (even if we did manage to fly a helicopter and get it stuck between two MDF walls!). Particular favourites are the Hovermaxx UFO and the Air Combat Helicopters which, from experience we can vouch for being robust, easy to use and lots of fun.

The Air Combat helicopter is a fab little toy which if you have a friend playing with you means you can have in air ‘dog- fights’. Have a little look here:

These are retailing in Maplins for RRP £49:99

Our other favourite was the Hovermaxx UFO this is basically a really simple to operate remote control UFO which even the nearly three year old can use and enjoy. In fact, he has been using his for about 8 hours flat since he was gifted one at the event. I can confirm our ceilings have survived, thank to the soft plastic of the propellers!

You’ll be able to get one of these in Maplins for RRP £19:99

I’m managing to write this blog during the daytime because ALL my children are actually happily playing with their Hovermaxx and they don’t even have the television on. I must admit this is such a rare thing that I’m completely thrilled to have found something which they all enjoy at the same time. So I cant recommend these toys more highly!

The boy thinking to himself which ones he wants!

Propel really do have an amazing range of stuff, our seven year old was literally lusting after things and spent quite a long time browsing longingly at the range. If you are on the lookout for a Christmas gift this year then make sure you get along to Maplin and have a look at their range.


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