Brickmas at the Legoland Hotel

We were really fortunate to be invited to stay at the Legoland Hotel for a post Christmas one night stay. The kids Love Legoland and as predicted there were tears on leaving. If you are a fan of Lego then the Legoland Hotel is a must visit.

We stayed in an Adventure Room which is perfect for archaeologists as its themed to Indiana Jones Lego, the kids get to stay in a mummy’s tomb and you get to stay in a beautiful bed with one of those mosquito net canopy effect things and of course, the obligatory Lego wallpaper. The rooms are really good, the kids get their own den with bunk beds (they sleep 3) and their own television and the adults get some peace and a nice view of the park. Even the bathrooms in the hotel are pretty amazing, just don’t look up if you don’t like spiders if you stay in an Adventure Room as I nearly got the shock of my life when I looked at the ceiling whilst in the shower and spotted an enormous tarantula, fortunately it was made from Lego, unlike the real one which infiltrated my room whilst holidaying on a Greek Island.

At the moment the Legoland Park is actually closed so you are limited to the hotel, but there is plenty to entertain the kids. My children really love the adventure area by the bar where you can find loads of Lego for building projects and a big castle to run around. This is perfect if you want a lazy dinner in the Bricks restaurant and the kids want to eat quickly and play! In terms of food, the Bricks restaurant provides a fairly extensive buffet of kids friendly food; chicken, veggie, pizza and even Lego shaped fries. You wont go hungry but it didn’t strike me as particularly healthy somehow, maybe that was just my children’s selections.

Without a doubt the highlight of our stay was our trip to the swimming pool, in fact anyone there will remember the boy screaming ‘but 2 hours isn’t very long in the pool!’ as he tantrumed when we attempted to leave to have lunch. The pool area is absolutely brilliant for kids, there is one pool which is 1. 2 metres deep and perfect for having a swim and another which has a slide, a seesaw and lots of water guns. To be frank it’s a small kids paradise, be warned once they enter its virtually impossible to get them out!

All in all our overnight stay at the Legoland Hotel was brilliant, the kids had a great time and it really made our Christmas a bit special. If you have a child who absolutely loves Lego then a trip to the Legoland Hotel will be one of the highlights of their childhood, its a fab kids friendly place and well worth a visit. We will be back, it’s a really wonderful place to take the kids as its lovely seeing them so happy and excited.


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