Christmas as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam

Christmas without television is like fish without chips. It really is a no brainer and since becoming part of the Netflix Stream Team we have enjoyed a much broader range of programmes than I would have thought. Netflix really kindly sent me a Christmas survival kit this year to help us through the period which included a really handy USB charger which has to be one of the most useful things we now own as it has prevented many many tantrums over the Ipad running out of charge when they are trying to watch Turbo Fast…

Its been a bit tricky to detach the Ipad from the eldest at night time as he has discovered that Doctor Who is available on Netflix, for those of you not aware he is absolutely obsessed with Doctor Who. To the extent that he demanded to have his hair cut like Matt Smith. We let him get away with a near 7 hour marathon as it was Christmas, if there is a junior Mastermind coming up in the near future I think I might enter him.

For me, this Christmas has been about relaxing and trying to adopt a new slower pace of life. I’ve re-discovered how much I enjoy knitting and sewing and I’ve been making full use of Netflix whilst I teach myself more and more complicated things. As a result I’ve nearly finished watching Marco Polo which is really fantastic and everything you want from an easy viewing historical drama.

I also discovered that the Husband has not seen The Office! Can you believe it? So, we started watching that, with a few cringe-worthy moments when he recognised some of the stuff David Brent does as similar to his behaviour at work. I think he may have tweeted some of this, so if you know where to find him you may find that amusing. There really is nothing better than the team talks in The Office and its been really amusing to revisit them.

I’m really looking forward to chilling out a bit in front of the TV with my knitting in 2015, the year I enter my fourth decade. There is so much to watch on Netflix any recommendations on what to watch next would be appreciated, as I’m spoilt for choice.


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