Christmas Time

I cant quite believe how quickly Christmas has come around. This is the first year where little Ned will really know what is going on and the children are already plotting how early to go to bed so they can get up early. That’s a result of sorts, I think. Unfortunately I’ve got a nasty cold which is somewhat putting paid to all my plans and leaving me in slight fear that I’m going to get in trouble with relations for giving it to them. It also means I’ll be enjoying Christmas dosed up on Day Nurse as I’ve suddenly become allergic to various cold and flu medications.

I must admit I’ve done very little to get into the Christmas spirit this year, I don’t think I’ve even managed to write all the cards as I found another box which were intended for people, this morning. I’ll save them for next year now. I got the tree quite early on as I’m not good at Christmas and see it all as a bit of a chore so I wanted to tick that off the list. I let the kids decorate it with the intention of re-doing it myself. Its still home to several paper-chains and wall decorations. Oh, well.

The hubby has been off for the Christmas period. Its the longest I’ve had him at home since we were married. Relations seem to be going well, which bodes well for future retirement. I have tasked him with several DIY jobs though and requested he cooks a few dinners. I even sent him to the supermarket, that was a bonus!

In order to try to feel more Christmassy we visited a Christmas Tree Festival in a local church. One of my lasting Christmas memories was talking the older children to it when they were younger but this is the first time we have taken little Ned. It didn’t disappoint, a hundred Christmas trees beautifully thematically decorated in the church which was a perfect way to spend an hour or so inspiring the children.

I intend to spend most of the rest of Christmas sitting on the sofa knitting, reading and generally trying to feel better. I must admit though, I’m quite excited about Father Christmas coming tonight and seeing the children’s delighted faces in the morning!
I hope all my readers have a very Merry Christmas!


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