Dealing with Sore Throats- some tips

This time of year its inevitable that you will get the dreaded lurgy. I only have to walk past someone with a cold and I almost instantly get it, and with three children in the house there is always someone poorly!

Last week I was very kindly sent a little gift box from Ultra Chloraseptic. It made a really nice treat after a difficult week and I was pleased to get something from Ultra Chloraseptic, as for me their sore throat spray is a handbag essential. Its one of the few things which really does work in relieving a sore throat and I’m always recommending it to everyone.

Contained within my little box was a scarf, some honey and lemon and a lovely mug to make a nice soothing honey and lemon drink. Obviously, as I have nosy children almost instantly I was making honey and lemon drinks all round. I have to admit, hot honey and lemon is one of my favourite drinks anyway, so this wasn’t a chore!

Ultra Chloraseptic have asked some experts for some top tips, these are very useful reminders on the best way to deal with sore throats:

Prevention by GP Dr Mike Smith
1.Wash your hands regularly
2. Drink water when you feel thirsty to prevent your throat becoming dry and more prone to infection.
3. When you sneeze or your nose feels blocked, blow your nose one nostril at a time by pressing against the other one and wash your hands after safely disposing of the tissue.
4. Avoid crowded, hot stuffy rooms, trains or buses whenever possible.
5. Stop smoking if you do

If you want to find out more and have a look at the Ultra Chloraseptic range if you haven’t come across it before you can find out more on their website.


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