Featured Post: Visiting Kent With the Kids

We are always on the lookout for good places to take the children which are far enough away from St Albans to seem like a proper trip, but not so far that the car journey drives us all to distraction. Kent is one of those places, its just around the M25 for us, but really does seem like going on holiday. Its been recommended to us so many times that you’d think it was the new place to holiday. In actual fact though, there is a lot to do from the coastal resorts of Margate and Ramsgate, through to Canterbury with its Cathedral, the Downs and of course the massive Lakeside and Bluewater Shopping Centres. In many ways it has a lot more to offer than Hertfordshire, but don’t tell anyone I said that.

Enjoying the seaside, Kent has some of the best in the UK

But, of all the places in Kent to visit I always make a special effort to go to Maidstone. A friend of mine is a curator at the Maidstone Museum and Bentliff Art Gallery and I’ve got many happy memories of visits there. Its a brilliant place to go, with some really outstanding artwork and some impressive displays including a Japanese Gallery. They also have a great Natural History collection which encompasses some of the best Lepidoptera in the South East.

This time of year when the children are off school is a great time to go and visit places for a mini break. Particularly as you can take the opportunity to go to a pantomime. In Maidstone you can go along and see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. There is also a really Christmassy event at Leeds Castle which is very close by.

As ever, one of the top places I can recommend to stay is the Holiday Inn Maidstone. We have found these to be really kid friendly and of a great standard across all the hotels we have stayed at. I

So, there you have it: just some of the reasons why people keep on telling me to mini break in Kent!


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