My Favourite Shows on Netflix

Since becoming part of the  Netflix #StreamTeam I’ve pretty  much stopped watching free to air television. There quite simply is an endless amount of stuff to watch and I don’t need to watch anything else. According to The Sunday Times style barometer  the other week Netflix-ing is officially ‘cool’. Hooray! Finally I’m actually doing something that is cool.

But what do I spend my time watching? Well, to be honest each Friday or Saturday night each week we watch a movie. Its our unofficial movie night. Last week we spent a family night watching Racing Stripes, a movie about a racing zebra which I must admit I go completely sucked into. This week I’m going to make the kids go to bed early so me and the husband can watch Jack Reacher.

In an attempt to calm down a little I’ve been catching up with some of the shows which I started watching earlier in the year before I got sucked into working on the St Albans Literary Festival every waking hour. That means I’ve got Breaking Bad to catch up on alongside Lilyhammer, The Good Wife and Orange is the New Black. I’ve got a lot of knitting to do, that’s as good excuse as any to sit and watch and relax a bit.

For the children there is the all new VeggieTales in the House, the VeggieTales stories are on based on Christian values and I think this makes a really nice change from some of the stuff the children are watching, especially around this time of year when its very commericalised. There is of course, also Horrible Histories which is a perfect way to engage and enthral the kids with a bit of history. My children watch this avidly and they have learnt so much from it I cant say no when they ask to watch a bit of television.

I don’t watch a lot of television personally, although the children watch more than I would like them to. However, we have made it a family tradition to have a movie night on a Friday and over the last year we have been part of Netflix StreamTeam this has saved us an absolute fortune. If we wanted to go to the cinema as a family it would be in the region of forty pounds each time. If we pop on Netflix and select something its just the cost of homemade popcorn (lovely and warm), crisps and a pizza. Its the highlight of my week snuggling on the sofa under a blanket with the family and if you don’t do it, I’d implore you to give it a try. Its especially nice at this time of year to be all cosy inside. Just be careful, once you get sucked into Netflix there really is no turning back because there is so much variety and such a lot to watch!


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