So things all went a bit weird…

Things have gone a bit strange since our burglary, its aftermath has swallowed up far more time than I could have possibly anticipated. Re-painting the damage in the kitchen, chasing and dealing with insurance and locksmiths and insurance listings. THEN, the sort out and tidy up. I suppose this has been the one positive thing from it all in that the house is genuinely starting to look a lot better because everything being muddled and on the floor has forced a massive clear out, something I’ve been aspiring to for years.

I’m trying to be ruthless, but its very hard. So far I’ve managed to take four bags of clothes to the charity shop and I have a lot of children’s books to follow. I’ve also started being quite ruthless with kitchen stuff, who really needs specific Easter bunny shaped silicone cake holders anyway.

I’ve started tackling my books and I’d appreciate any tips for dealing with them. I have rather a lot to say the least and in going through three triple stacked bookcases alone I realised that I actually have so many that I’ve bought several books TWICE without realising. Clearly a problem with having too many. At the moment I’m working on the principle that I wont read Chick Lit again and also looking at fiction which I wont read again. This is hard because sometimes books are just nice to keep. However I know I have to be strict. I’ve also started clearing out cookery books. I’ ve never been interested in cookery, I just don’t need more than about 4!

The strange thing about the past few weeks is that there has been a lot of random weirdness happening. Strange familial disasters happening to our immediate neighbours which seemed too much of a coincidence. Almost like a little cone of oddness was hanging over this part of our cul-de-sac. I did wonder for a few days if this would be it, what else could happen.

We live very close to a supermarket and we popped out there the other day, on walking home the bird pictured literally fell out of the sky and hit the eldest boy on the shoe. The coincidence of it was rather unsettling because frankly its not a thriving metropolis where we live, we were probably the only people about.

So, apologies for the lack of updates life is busy, strange and I think I might just start the new year in a new frame of mind as all this clearing up is doing wonders for my mental health. I hate to say it, but in some ways being burgled may have been a good thing!


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