New Year, New Approaches

This camel has stopped procrastinating and banned children’s television from the living room as well…

One of my resolutions this year is to spend a bit more time living in the present and not so much time procrastinating on what could be or what was. This is very hard, especially so when you have a fairly large amount of what essentially (in many ways) amounts to free time.  Fortunately I’ve tried my hardest to adopt a new approach to life though and put myself first at all times. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not doing anyone any favours by being a martyr and doing things I’m not interested in or don’t really want to do. Its quite refreshing to take this approach although I suspect I will start to be called selfish at some point in the near future. However, since its my fourth decade I think I’m entitled to become a little more curmudgeonly and less flexible!

With all this in mind I have resolved to dramatically cut down on the work I’ve been doing for free, that means minimal input in the various things I’ve been involved with. Except of course the things I really enjoy doing or directly benefit me. I’m feeling rather empowered by this and as a result of it all I’ve gone out and got myself a new job which is very exciting. I’ll be doing something I enjoy with like minded people and best of all its fun. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t think financially I’ll ever be able to return to my professional career because of childcare/ salary and competition in the sector from younger people.

I’ve also returned to crafting in a fairly big way and have a stack of little projects to go ahead. I finished the jumper I was knitting over Christmas and I’m currently working on a new blanket and another jumper, with the fabric ready for a dress. I’m looking forward to the children settling into a routine properly so I get a chance to sit quietly and make some real progress.

Big progress has been made already with child management in that they have now been banned form watching TV in the sitting room. This means freedom from endless Cbeebies, CBBC, Kids Netflix and Pop. I feel a bit guilty about not being with them, but it makes such a difference to sanity and has been one of the best outcomes of ‘the new approach’.

Finally, the one major change I’m trying to make is the amount of time I spend on-line. I tend to respond to Tweets, FaceBook messages and emails almost immediately. I cant really help myself. From here on in, I’m going to have entire days when I don’t turn the computer on. I don’t know if this is going to impact on blogging, but lets be honest blogging has been a bit more erratic of late anyhow. I’ve sort of lost my Mojo and interest with it a bit, its hard to write about the things I did when I started this blog now my children can read it. So expect to see more posts about craft, books of all varieties and less about children’s activities.

I’d love to hear about your New Year resolutions, are you taking a new approach this year or is it all about maintaining the status quo?


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