Partying the Night Away! #StreamTeam

The new year is an exceptionally busy time in our household because not only do we try to celebrate New Year with the children its also little Ned’s birthday. That meant that this year we had TWO parties to attend in two days. Thank goodness of Netflix who came to the rescue with Ned’s party by providing a whole box of party goodies related to their new show (Fifi’s new favourite) All Hail King Julien.

The party in full mode!

All Hail King Julien is absolutely perfect for parties for Junior school age kids and their siblings because its based on the character from the Dreamworks film Madagascar. You know, the one with those penguins… Not only is it really amusing, there is a fantastic soundtrack to this which really adds to the programme. Fifi likes it so much she’s asked for another King Julien themed birthday party in a few weeks time.

So what did we do? Well, musical statues, musical bumps, parachute games and pass the parcel. When it all got a bit too much we sat them down with popcorn and All Hail King Julien on Netflix. The adults may or may not have had alcohol.

Sometimes children need a little bit of down time and a bit of fun and I think that All Hail King Julien is the perfect programme for this. Don’t tell anyone but I’m quite enjoying it myself…

All thats left of our wild and crazy party…

Our party goodies were provided by Netflix as part of their Stream Team ambassador programme


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