Tips for getting children to school

Its not without irony that I write this post as I’m the first person to say that I’m late about 2% of the time for school runs. However, with three children, sometimes four, in tow I don’t think that its too much of a bad record. Over the years I have developed a system for getting them all out to school and there on time and I thought it might be useful. This is what I do:

  • Set the clocks five minutes fast and don’t let them watch scheduled television in the mornings. That way they cant ‘time’ themselves by the finishing of a programme.
  • Consider the options for breakfast the night before and train the children to help themselves as much as possible. My eldest wont eat cereals so I try to make sure there is some of last nights dinner left over for him and I don’t give him any other options. The younger ones will eat cereals so I put them on the counter with bowls easily accessible and they can help themselves if they are downstairs before me.
  • Twenty minutes before its time to leave I make sure that everyone is fully dressed. This usually entails making sure everyone is wearing socks and jumpers.
  • Fifteen minutes before its time to leave I issue a teeth brushing ultimatum/ threat.
  • Ten minutes before its time to go I tell them its time to go and slowly put my coat on.
  • At no point do I shout, or engage in any sort of discussion or dialogue about school. I have a child who is very reluctant to go to school so I avoid any conversations about school which seems to have helped.
  • If we have one of ‘those’ mornings I simply get as many children as I can out of the front door, without fuss and begin to lock up. The remaining child soon comes out of the door and we walk to school, usually with one being grumpy but nothing more.

So, thats my tips for getting them out. It basically involves being clear, firm and using as little dialogue about school as possible. I’d love to hear yours!


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