Book Review: Jules and Nina Dine Out Written by Anita Pouroulis and illustrated by Agata Krawczyk

15th February 2015 No Comments

Jules and Nina Dine out

What happens when your dog is so spoilt that he actually comes out to lunch with you? This is the perfect book for any little pet owners out there and it certainly made my youngest laugh. It is perfectly pitched to appeal to both adults and children alike.  Nina the dog ends up sitting outside looking in and Jules modifies her behaviour to deal with the sullen dog. I’m sure many parents could relate to this scenario.

The thing which struck me the most about the book is the illustrations which really are very unusual and unlike the usual picture books which come my way. I really loved the mixture of techniques used in them and the faces of the characters are stunning. Three year old Ned loved the way Agata Krawczyk illustrated the dog Nina and I could see him understanding the finer elements of the story and vocabulary through the illustrations.

For a picture book, the story is quite long, so I think the age rating of 5 + is appropriate if your kids don’t have older siblings. It was enjoyed by Fifi who is in Year 1 at school as much as by little Ned and I think she got a lot more out of the story. In fact she has taken it to bed to read to herself which is always a good sign.

I don’t think we have read a book about someone taking their dog out to a restaurant for lunch so thats a first. I reckon this is a perfect book for anyone who has a pet or those parents (like me) who select picture books based on their illustrations.

You can find out more about the book here

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