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Finding peaceful quiet time is difficult in our busy household. Despite having a playroom in which to make mess and noise the children tend to invade my personal space at every opportunity. I’m seriously considering moving into their playroom, but that is another post. I need time to relax calmly, to read and craft. I love reading but I find knitting, sewing and crochet more therapeutic.

I love the feeling of creativity and the satisfaction of an end product. I’ve got several projects on the go at the moment, another jumper for myself, a tie for the husband, a poncho for Fifi.

For sometime I’ve been desperate to learn how to crochet, i’ve tried several times to teach myself with mixed results. I think that is because i’m a natural knitter and so familiar with the ebb and flow of knitting that crochet seemed so alien. Anyway, after several failed attempts at convincing friends to teach me I decided to take myself off to a course. Clearly that was the best solution as my confidence with crochet grows daily. So far i’ve made wrist warmers, headbands, a tie, some snowflake bunting and lots of little flowers. I’m finding crochet to be a relaxing craft with rhythm. Its lovely that it progresses very quickly, providing a real sense of achievement.

Yesterday I treated myself to some beautiful Rowan Pure Wool DK which although limited in the range of colours, seemed perfect for what I had in mind; something for our living room. The results so far are photographed above. The question now is do I make a cushion cover or a blanket? I can’t decide. What do you reckon?

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