Featured Post: Must haves for surviving your first family holiday with the little ones

holidayWith a range of baby friendly holidays available from companies like Tots Too, it’s never been easier to travel with little ones. That said, there are certain things you must have with you to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible make sure to consider the following:

A room with a cot

These days, many midwives advise against co-sleeping and recommend placing young babies in their own Moses basket or cot in a bid to reduce sudden infant death syndrome. This is particularly important in hot weather or if you’ve been drinking (both of which are common on holiday), so always make sure you reserve a room with suitable sleeping arrangements – or bring your own travel cot. Most airlines will let you carry up to two bulky items but it’s worth checking with the company you’re flying with just to make sure.

Baby essentials

While you can buy everything from nappies to wipes abroad, it’s advisable to carry a stash of essential baby items with you to avoid being caught out – particularly if you’re travelling a long way and might not have easy access to shops. What’s more, don’t forget your little one’s favourite comforter or dummy as without it you could have more tears than you bargained for. Also, your child will be out of their normal routine, so it’s good to give them something familiar that they can relate to.

Travel toys

Travelling with a very young baby isn’t normally too bad. They tend to sleep and feed a lot meaning they’re relatively hassle-free. If you’ve got a toddler, however, things can be a lot more chaotic as when they can start to crawl and walk, getting them to stay still is a tricky task. One of the best things you can do if you’ve a long journey in front of you is to pack plenty of small yet interesting toys to keep them occupied (preferably ones that don’t make too much noise). Travel Kiddy has a range of great games and toys for youngsters, so it’s worth stocking up on affordable treats.

First-aid kit

Children are always falling over and grazing their hands or cutting their knees. So, to help deal with minor incidents, why not learn how to pack the ultimate first-aid kit and take it with you wherever you go? Essentials such as plasters and antiseptic creams are a must and don’t forget to bring high-factor sun cream, pain relief suitable for children and any medication they might be taking at the time for eczema or other common child ailments .

If you thought becoming a parent meant you had to say goodbye to luxury family holidays, think again. With luxury family-friendly packages readily available at a great price you can enjoy a great trip with your entire brood – just remember to pack all the above essentials to ensure your break away runs as smoothly as possible. And if your budget doesn’t stretch to luxury then consider camping, have a look at my handy guide to camping with kids here.


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