My House

I’m in the process of massively decluttering our house and trying to think how to redesign it entirely. I want things to be uncluttered and tidy, probably wishful thinking for someone with three children. This morning I thought I’d have a go at spurring myself on by taking some pictures of things I actually like. Its not something that I’ve ever done before on the blog, but here is an insight into our house and the things I like.

447665003The lampshades are all from Dunelm and funnily enough, they are all ones that I wasn’t all that sure about in the shop and I bought with the intention of changing. The print is a very rare Walter Crane print which I stumbled across for a very very cheap price. The other image is my shelf of stuff, it contains flint tools which I have knapped myself, a T-Rex replica skull and other bits and bobs which I have acquired and like.

Another day I will show you the rest of the mess!


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