Review: Big Game Hunters Play Wigwam

play wigwamThere is nothing that children like more than creating their own spaces. My children have endless fun with tents, blankets and the sofa and I can always be sure that its safe imaginative play. Things moved onto another level for half term though as we were sent a camouflage play wigwam to review. I’d been secretly lusting after one of these for the children for a while to be honest, as I reckon that there is a lot of mileage from recreating all sorts of hunter gatherer type worlds with a wigwam. For example, they can play at creating a North American Indian settlement or be mesolithic people on the brink of the Ice Age. This provides endless opportunities for role playing and also costume making which is as much fun.

The camouflage play wigwam has become a little boys den this half term and for that i’m grateful as its proving to not only keep them quiet but its lovely to see the eldest and the littlest play so productively together (they have an age gap of nearly 5 years). In terms of space my three children all fitted into it easily, although four children would be a squash. I think one could sleep in it at a time, but only in the living room incase it did rain!

The wigwam is a high quality product made from weatherproof fabric (although it says you shouldn’t leave it out all the time) and good quality wood.  I was really impressed with its simple construction with plastic joiners meaning you doing have to store the really long poles as they come apart.

Inside showing construction, poles joined with plastic joiners

Inside showing construction, poles joined with plastic joiners

In terms of putting it up yourself, it was fairly simple, however I did really struggle to make it stable and  to spread it out enough. This required two people to get right in our household and I think it will take some practice. I wont be putting it up and down after each use, instead it will be a permanent den in our playroom.

I think in terms of cost its really reasonably priced and would make a really superb birthday gift which will get a good few years worth of use. You simply cant go wrong with a really good tent for children and this is one of the best I’ve seen.

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