School Holiday Activity Ideas for February

half term ideasI’m determined to try to keep my children’s activities as simple as possible at the moment. I want them to realise that life isn’t all about technology and constant amusement from the television. To that end, the television is being kept to a minimum this half term. I’m not entirely mad though, with three kids to entertain I’m not going to become a martyr myself. So I have written myself a list of activities to suggest to them when boredom strikes, these also require minimal input from me!My kids are big craft fans but I think that can become an easy option so I’ve tried to think of some different activities to simply drawing, cutting, painting and gluing. I hope you find it useful!

At Home Activities

  • Teddy bears picnic- this isn’t just for toddlers and can be great fun when combined with some real life cake making, biscuit decorating and reading
  • Building a castle from Lego
  • Use bed sheets and blankets to build a den and maybe camp overnight in it
  • Life drawing of brothers, sisters or pets
  • Start a collection of something (badges, stones, feathers, buttons)
  • Learn to knit or crochet
  • Make some puppets and produce a show
  • Play marbles in the door thresholds
  • Build your own ‘shop’ from cardboard and then make its produce to sell to friends and family
  • Make some magic potions
  • Be household explorers and see if you can find any fairies or elves
  • Research a topic and present your findings to us
  • Play cowboys and indians
  • Rebuild the sofa into a spaceship and journey to the moon, jupiter or another galaxy
  • Use play dough to make your own fossils and shells and recreate the seaside
  • Make a pom pom garland for your bedroom


  • A trip to the cinema- Kids AM at our local cinema has some great movies showing and as a family we can go for just £10 (including the booking fee) which I think is very reasonable
  • A trip to our local museum or art gallery
  • A trip to the forest or woods to build dens and look for signs of nature
  • Dig out your vegetable patch in preparation for planting
  • Do some chalk cave paintings on our walls

I hope these have provided some inspiration, if you have some great ideas to add why not share them below…





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