Sponsored Post: Age-appropriate cleaning chores for children

VaxWhen you have children its a constant battle to keep the home clean. There are lots of things you can do from calling in professional cleaning services like Molly Maid to getting the whole family to pitch in. Even the kids can lend a helping hand, so here are several age-appropriate cleaning chores for children. Many of these tips are ideas listed by Montessori professionals and will not only help you around the house but will be valuable for the children’s development in lots of ways!

Age one to three
Children love to imitate you in their play and they enjoy getting involved in multiple activities, so why not put their enthusiasm to good use by showing them how to clean up? Not only will this keep them entertained while you do essential jobs it’ll also teach them valuable life lessons that they can take into adulthood.

At this age children are capable of putting their toys away into boxes and can even start stacking books  shelves. They can also place dirty clothes in the washing basket, take soiled nappies to the bin and help wipe dusty surface using a damp cloth. Doing chores with them will help them to understand what it takes to run a household.

Age four to five
Even if they haven’t helped previously when children reach age four and five they can start to hone the skills they’ve already learned. Good tasks are  dusting, disinfecting and cleaning up. They should also begin to take responsibility for tidying their bedroom, making the bed, clearing the kitchen table, drying and putting away dishes and wiping up spills. This can be a bit of a challenge as they might have other ideas and prefer to play with toys so it’s a good idea to get them to do household chores as part of a routine.

If you have concerns about using chemical cleaning products with children there are plenty of eco friendly and child friendly things which you already have in your cupboard. For example white wine vinegar makes an excellent job for cleaning glass

Age six to nine
Children aged six to nine can start to do some of the more challenging tasks such as sweeping, mopping, gathering rubbish and putting it in wheelie bins, unloading the dishwasher, putting groceries away, scrubbing the bath after use and so on. Mine enjoy loading the dishwasher in particular. Just make sure you supervise the children if you let them use electrical gadgets.

A star chart or small payments for activities can work as a good incentive at this age.

Age 10 and up
Remember that what you teach them now will form the basis of their life skills and ensuring that they keep good habits will last them a lifetime. at this age they can do virtually everything you can do so make sure you start sharing out those household tasks fairly!

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