Featured Post: That Old Clothing Dilemma!

girls and boysWhat do you do when your little girl insists on wearing something like these childrens Barbie clothes  and your little boy wants to dress up like a superhero? For me, this isn’t an issue as I’m firmly of the opinion that children should wear what they choose themselves. I think this has positive effects in so many ways as it allows them to express their individuality and also teaches them basic life skills. So from about 2 and a half years old I’ve let them choose what they wanted.

I have loads of friends who refuse to dress their little girls in pink, favouring purple, green or red. I’ve also a few who let their little boys choose their own clothes, sometimes resulting in them wearing girls clothes. For me, clothing has never this much  been of issue. As a mum of both boys and girls, if anything, I deliberately dressed Fifi in pink clothes as a baby, so that people didn’t think she was a boy and so I could indulge myself a bit after years of navy blue, brown and camouflage clothes. I found it quite joyous shopping for little pink dresses and hair bows and everything girly. Of course, once she could choose her own outfits, more often than not, Fifi liked to wear her brothers outfits.

Things have changed a little now and Fifi is incredibly girly and I find it quite a battle to tone down her outlandish fashion choices (I only do this for practical reasons), usually clashing colours and strappy summer dresses in the snow. The boys have taken to wearing the same clothes, day in day out. I don’t really even need to shop for them, they wear that few different clothes. The only time outfits are changed is through necessity when I haven’t washed the latest outfit over night.

One of the things which I have noticed is the importance of character clothing for the children. I don’t know if its the familiarity which helps, but when freely given a choice the boys will almost always opt for a superhero and Fifi is attracted to My Little Pony stuff. I think as much as anything else it can be useful when they are forming friendships and meeting new children as its an outward sign of interests and helps with fitting in.

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